Unique Choppers.

We have produced a few choppers of designs that have never been repeated. Usually this is because we are too busy one-upping each other to reproduce an existing bike too closely. In some cases a ride is so powerful that we hesitate to duplicate it, for fear that riding in a pack with both of them will create eddies in the wide-band chunkulation field and blow the entire fleet to atoms.

Jalapeño Sunrise.

Rainbow Brite.

Rainbow Brite was first seen at the lab in the hands of the Carthaginian Scout. Where did this person come from? Did he wake up one day and decide that he needed more bike between his legs, or did he have the express goal of controlling more metal than anyone else in the fleet? Whatever, he's here now. The reader is truly cheated by this black and white photo, which fails to transmit the many colors of the many bikes which combined to form this mighty Voltron of choppers. Neither is the impressive medely of construction methods conveyed - from traditional welding, to hose clamps, to tubes held together by lengthwise bolts.

(orb fork technical information.)

The Orb.

The Orb Mark IV has broken more times than any other bicycle in our collection. Each time the inherent safety features in her construction have allowed the pilot to eject safely.


Humpty is a front-wheel-drive monstrosity with a ride probably similar to a highwheeler with a trailer.

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