Historical Outings.

While we're accustomed to dragging a large wad of tools and parts wherever we go, we're happiest when we know that there is a cache nearby. Our ancestors didn't live our soft lives, however, and we must never lose our connection to our roots. Or perhaps it is the spirit of our descendants which we must not lose touch with. Whichever direction in time we direct our honor towards, it points to an age without the comfort of our urban base stations. In the days of our ancestors, cities hadn't been invented yet, while for our children, the urban ruins will be places of great treasure and greater danger. In either case, life will or did largely depend upon scrabbling for survival in the barren wastes among the barbarian trogs. We occasionally spend a day recreating the bum deal that our people have been and will be dealt.

(Up to C.H.U.N.K. 666)

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