This is why we do this, although sometimes you'd think we're more into drinking beer on the curb and whacking bent bikes back into shape with wrenches.

What is it like to ride with us? One can learn of the phases of the typical foray. From thence the perils of the night delivery, recovery mission, rain rides, aquachopper expeditions, and Flaming Bikes of Deth might be comprehensible. If not, there's always an ordinary ride to the Mass. We reached our high and low point during the Y2K millennium ride. Danger cannot be avoided by staying close to home, either, as shown by our local operations, construction workshops, the West Side Invite, the Chunkathlon of 2002 (and the Chunkathlon of 2003 in Brooklyn), the Organ Donor Invitational, and the Mutant Bike Proving Grounds. Our caring side is made evident by our community service record, parade participation, children's crusade, neighborhood outreach program, and reflections on riding during wartime, while our more fabulous aspects are mentioned in our dress code article.

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